Dean's Word


Investing in science is investing in the future of humanity

Modern society needs women and men who understand the major issues it faces and who are capable of making decisions and acting responsibly. The Faculty of Science prepares them by offering a solid education in the so-called "exact and natural" sciences, with particular attention to interdisciplinary aspects, human training courses and the development of interpersonal skills (communication, teamwork, project management , etc.). 


Anxious to help each student develop their abilities to the best of their abilities, the staff of the faculty devotes themselves without counting the cost to providing very high quality teaching and supervision. The faculty's teaching staff and researchers are at the forefront of scientific knowledge in their field. Research, recognized for its excellence, is often part of international networks and thus creates a particularly stimulating framework for the development of new knowledge.


The Faculty of Sciences cultivates excellence with cutting-edge teaching and research in many fields including biology, chemistry, computer science, physics and renewable energies, mathematics, agricultural sciences, earth sciences and the environment.


The new Deanship team with these vice deans wishes to continue efforts to cultivate excellence in research and teaching, to continuously improve working conditions, supervision, and more generally the well-being of students and academics. Efforts will also be continued to continue to develop links with the Algerian socio-economic community, and to share our passion for science with the youngest. Finally, an important mission of the Deanship will be to continue to develop links with our City to make our Faculty and the scientific challenges of our time better known.


Pr. RIBA Amar

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